Finally… website is up and running!

Welcome to our new home!

Well, it’s taken a little longer than expected but I’m delighted that our website is up and running, and I love it (even if I say so myself)…

A lot of thought has gone into it over the past year or so, but finding the time to chip away at it has been tough. Particularly juggling a full-time job, fulfilling Etsy orders (another post coming soon about that), moving house last summer, and spending time with the family. I’m always conscious about just how much time I spend working, as don’t want to be one of those Dad’s who is always ‘too busy’, locked away in the office or working away. So quality time with both wife and daughter is a top priority and this has always taken a back seat in that respect.

Anyway, after initially┬áregistering the domain name way back in June 2014 when I first started doing this, it seemed like we were never going to get there. Etsy has helped hugely with our growth, with main selling channels being that and word of mouth locally. It feels like the hard work is over, but in reality, it’s only just begun with lots of new designs and products to be added and Christmas coming up, which just went crazy last year.

I’m hoping that the new website will drive us forward in 2018 and we’ll grow and grow. We’ve talks lined up with a couple of stores looking to stock or offer our prints and hoping to do a lot more with social media too, another thing I never seem to find time for.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like what we’ve done with the place! I’d appreciate any feedback or comments ­čÖé


PS: If any other Etsy/online sellers are reading this and thinking about launching their own e-commerce site, I’d be happy to offer some tips and advice or answer any questions you might have. It’s been a long road but it’s been fun

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